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Hellur and Welcerm!

Hello good people of the Kickstarter! Welcome to your exclusive spot to check out all of the BTS photos and videos (with some gewt captions if I do say so myself) of the singles/album. By the time you get this link, some of the songs will be out, but some won't - so ya'll get the extra nice temporal sneak peak (is "temporal" sneak peak redundant - idk but I just really like the word temporal)! I will also update these pages throughout the time before the album release so come back to see what's new!

Feel free to browse all that you want, and come back time and time again! Just remember to keep the link to yourself as this is a special reward for ya'll as a massive thank you (also it's fun to be a part of super ~select~ clubs sometimes I think lol). 

Thank you all so much for your support of me and my music, and I hope you all enjoy! Now go ahead and look around, choose your own adventure style ;)

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