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First Verse 


3 little words

Seem to mock me 

And continue to serve 

A need thats greedy and plenty


An urge that no truth 

Can quite satisfy 

A kind of sweet tooth 

Without a piece of the pie that


Quenches my thirst and

Makes me less hurt 

Oh I think I can find it at 

The bottom of this drink


Me, under the table

Not standing too stable 

Because I’m looking for something

You cannot give 





Pull me in and push me out 

like a river running fast 

washing all the pain of past 

drown me in the sound


Of I love you 

And I’ll never leave

Feed me promises of now

Even though we don’t know how

To keep from us ending 


Second Verse


2 little birds 

Sing a melody 

We’ve heard before

But its changed in some ways


Now when I listen for them 

I expect the worst

A mangled and tangled 

Sour-sweet melody 


And its not their fault 

No, its neither one to blame

Cause for every melody sweet 

Every powerful beat is a dying flame


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